My birthday and some other, less important things

So Friday the 22nd I met up with the other ELAs again. This time we went for dinner and drinks. Dinner was Tapas and then we went to to a few different places and ended up in a bar. Met some cool people there who told me that this part of Spain is a Mecca for rock-climbers and they invited me rock-climbing sometime.

Saturday was chilled.

Sunday we went to Barcelona to watch my host sister play basket ball. Then we went for lunch at a shopping centre that used to be a bull fighting arena. My host dad had to go to a trade show in the afternoon so while he went there we walked up to look at the Museum of Art of Catalonia. It was closed when we got there so I’ll have to go another day but it looks pretty impressive from the outside.

Wednesday was my birthday! I didn’t have class until midday so I slept in and went to the gym. The teachers had bought me what I thought was a cake but it turned out to be just a styrofoam cylinder with lollies stuck on the outside of it. In the evening I made ANZAC biscuits and they turned out mostly ok.

Thursday I took some of my biscuits to school for the teachers and some students, and one of the students lent me some Spanish and Catalan cookbooks and a dictionary. In the evening I went into town to buy some pants.

Friday evening I went to an indoor rock-climbing place with one of the students. It was fun and my only ragret is not having the stamina to do it well but that should changed with some practice. Afterwards we went out to eat and bumped in to some people and somehow I ended up catching a taxi home at 4am.

A relaxed weekend and start to the new week.

On Monday I helped a student with an application letter for an internship at a British Uni.

And now it’s Wednesday the 3rd of Feb. This afternoon some mail arrived for me! I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpop and one from Wanda. They were both birthday letters and I was happy to get them both :)




This isn’t entirely related to my trip(well it kinda is) but I’ve decided to make a Catalan from English verb conjugation app for my phone because I didn’t like any of the ones I found on the play store. So far I’ve got a simple program that works on html files downloaded from that gets rid of all the dumb html code and puts the juicy bits into a csv file to be later read by an app or something(not up to that part yet.) Maybe this deserves to live somewhere else, I don’t know.


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