I arrived in Barcelona at around 2 with very little idea of what I wanted to do. I had asked a few people for ideas so I wasn’t completely lost but I hadn’t decided anything. I typed a few of my ideas into google maps and chose the closest one to where I was because I didn’t want to pay for public transport. This turned out pretty well because while I was walking I found a Peruvian restaurant and finally had the chance to eat ceviche again after 2 years. It was kinda average but I was happy.

My first stop was Plaça de Catalunya. Pretty much just a fountain and some statues and it was cool to see.

Next I walked around the Gothic suburb which is right near the plaça. The streets are super narrow and there are heaps of little shops everywhere.

Then I went to La Rambla, a big walking street that joins the plaça to the beach. There were lots of people and I was quite worried about being robbed but nothing bad happened. Just off this street there is a big market area with lots of little stalls and things to I went there too but lots of them were closed for some reason.

I then walked around the Gothic area a bit more and found out it was the neighbourhood’s annual festival so there were people playing drums in the streets and people in costumes and stuff so I watched that for a while. I also saw a cathedral and a square surrounded by restaurants that was pretty cool. Somewhere along the way I bought Fahrenheit 451 in Spanish to read on the train home.

By this time I was kinda tired so I sat in a park for a while and watched people walk past. I was also getting late so I started to look for somewhere to eat.

I then ate dinner and caught the train home at 8:30. On the train I read a grand total of 3 pages of my book because my phone was dead and I couldn’t translate any words.


This coming weekend is a public holiday in my town so I’m going to Madrid until Tuesday. (20-23 of Feb)

I haven’t taken many photos so far because I would prefer to see the things I’m seeing with my own eyes now than through a screen later. Here are some of the photos I took yesterday from a lookout point near my house. I was sitting there and a guy came and asked me something so I told him I’m not from here and then he showed me a better place to see the surrounding area and told me some of the history of the city



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