I’m an idiot

A few weeks ago I decided I want to go into Barcelona this weekend. I thought Saturday would be a good day because Sundays the family usually goes to the grandparents’ farm for the day. So of course me being me I got up pretty late, at around 11 when I wanted to leave at 9, and got ready. Missed the 12 o’clock bus and ended up at the train station at 12:30. After navigating the ticket machine(€7.50 for a one way ticket what the hell) and walking to the platform it was 12:35. Hang on, there’s no one else on the platform and all I can hear are my footsteps echoing back at me from the tunnel. At this stage I realised I had made a mistake. I went to check the timetable and apparently I missed the previous train by 10 minutes and now I have to wait an hour for the next one. Fantastic.


What this does give me is time to write my blog which of course I missed this week.


Last Friday I started dancing lessons :) Bachata this time so something new but it was really fun!

On Saturday there were celebrations for a festival called Carnaval. lots of people dress up and walk singing and dancing through the streets. Some people really go all out with their costumes so it was cool to see what people came up with.

Sunday was normal


On Thursday I decided to make a TODO list folder on my computer, as well as a list of things I want to do in my spare time here because I have a lot of spare time. The TODO list almost works but something funny is going on PS it works well now and I’ve been using it for a few days.

Friday afternoon I went slacklining (like tightrope walking) with some of the students. one of them has a 100m line so I’d like to be able to walk that before I leave.


Now it’s 1:20 and finally some people have arrived to catch the train. I’m done with my post now, so see you next week!


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